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Zen Garden

Feeling Stressed out at work? Tired of being on one conference call after another? Let me introduce you to the "Zen" garden. This garden will bring you hours of "stress-free" living as you tend to it minute after minute, hour after hour. Park one of these on your desk and those long conference calls don't seem so long as you practice making pattern after pattern in the sand. Each garden comes with a base, colored sand, stones, and a hand made rake. Sizes and wood type vary or if you prefer a custom garden built to your specifications.

$20.00 (as pictured)

Current wood types include;

Walnut, Paduak, Wenge, Reclaimed Pine, Pearwood, Jatoba, Oak, Purple heart, Zebrawood, Maple, Spalted Maple, Curly Maple,Bamboo and Cedar.

Please specify when ordering.

Duck Basket- inspired by Normand Leslie

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, and this one resembles a duck. Sometimes referred to as a "New Hampshire" basket, we just call them duck baskets. Whatever you want to call them, they make great holders for potted plants.


Dimensions= 19"L x 7"W x 11"H                     (wine/grapes not included)


Flower Box-inspired by Normand Leslie

Wooden tool boxes were once very common. I can remember both my father and grandfather carrying those tool boxes to the job. Those days may be gone but the tool boxes live on. Repurposed as a flower box, these baskets hold four(4) 4" clay or plastic pots and can be used with real or less than real flowers, fruit or whatever you desire. The boxes are made of cedar and will resist rotting if being used outdoors. Also, there are a few of these boxes available constructed of reclaimed pine. All boxes can be painted, or built to your specifications.Please contact us with your desires.

$39.00 +S/H

Dimensions=20"L x 6"W x 18"H

Genuine Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboo is a great alternative to wooden cutting boards, (bamboo is actually a grass). It can grow to harvest height in as little as 3 years and because it continuously sends out new shoots, it does not need replanting after harvesting. As such, Bamboo makes for a great renewable resource as it can take 50-75 years for a Maple tree to be big enough to harvest. Additionally, Bamboo is 15% harder than Maple and they make great looking, durable cutting boards. The darker colors are produced by cooking or steaming the Bamboo where natural sugars caramelize and turn the bamboo a dark brown color. This color will not fade or run, however, no two boards will have exactly the same color. The cutting boards come in solid or two-tone colors and vary in size. Custom boards are available.

All boards are treated with a food-safe finish. Pricing and size vary, call for exact dimensions and pricing.

Example; 8"x14"=      $25.00+s/h

Wooden Vases

Wooden vases are something new and each one is unique in it's own way. Created with many different types of wood, both domestic and exotic, I really have no idea what they will look like until they are finished. Pictured to the left is a vase made with Black Walnut sandwiched between two pieces of Spalted Maple. Each vase includes an aluminum insert to accomodate live and less than live plants.


At K.R.Alten Designs, furniture has always been a passion.We have found that there are many times when the right piece of furniture is not available or not built to the right specifications. This has allowed us to enter the furniture market by specializing in those unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. We can build to your specifications, just fill out the contact sheet and list what you would like in the comment box and we will contact you with a quote.

 Additionally, we have created many one-of-a-kind pieces that are for sale currently. These are a few of the items.

Black Mesquite Coffee Table

This table was created from a slab of Mexican Black Mesquite. A unique piece of wood containing rich reddish brown tones and dramatic figuring, this table top has "live edges" where the bark has been left intact. The measurements are 68" in length, 38" in width at the widest point. The base is a traditional design made of African Jatoba which has naturally similar coloring. Both the top and the base have been protected with a untinted vanish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, while protecting its surface. As with any piece of wood, there may be cracks, holes and other irregularities that we feel only add to the character and desirability to each piece. Care is taken to ensure that the structure of each piece is not compromised by these irregularities.

$1499.00 +S/H  

Curly Ambrosia Maple Table     

This side table was created using Ambrosia Maple for the top and drawer face. Solid Poplar is used for the base and is stained using Jet Mahogany for color. The table is 29" h x 23"w x 11" d. These make great night stands or hallway tables. There are two matching tables available. As with any piece of wood, there may be cracks, holes and other irregularities that we feel only add to the character and desirability to each piece. Care is taken to ensure that the structure of each piece is not compromised by these irregularities.             

$149.00ea. $250.00/pair+S/H

Purple Heart/Wenge Bench

This bench features a vibrant colored bench of Purple Heart wood and solid Wenge legs. Purple Heart, from South America has a straight grain pattern and bright color. Wenge,from Africa, is known for it's strength and dark brown color. The combination of woods creates a complimentary contrast and a truly unique piece. Assembled with mortise and thru tenon construction and leg levelers,this bench comes fully assembled. 20"H x 12"D x 48"L. The color in this picture is very close to the actual color of the bench, they don't call it "purple heart" for nothing!

$449.00+ S/H

Pearwood/Walnut Console Table

This table features highly figured Swiss Pearwood with a Walnut base and is accented with two drawers. Finished with a clear protectant, the natural color and figuring of the wood is allowed to shine through making this a truly one-of-a-kind piece with a "Live Edge" on two sides. 29"H x 40"W x 15"D*   

$399.00 +S/H

*This table features a "live edge" top and therefore the dimensions are taken at the widest point. Please contact us with any dimensional concerns.

Claro Walnut Coffee Table w/ Matching side Tables

This Claro Walnut Table set features two side table and a coffee table and were cut from the same slab of wood. Cut into three pieces, each piece features a "live" edge on two sides and solid walnut base. Highlights are the deep walnut color with contrasting light sides. Available only as a matching set. $1200.00 +S/H

Carbonized Bamboo Console Table

This console table has been created with a top made of Carbonized Bamboo and a solid Walnut base. The top is a engineered product that features bamboo that is processed to increase strength and durability.The carbonization process involves pressure heating, which heats the sugar in the wood and results in a darker, amber color. Carbonized bamboo is not usually stained--its color comes from its processing although a clear varnish has been applied for protection. This top is combined with a contrasting dark Walnut base and centered drawer to create a very unique looking table.

$295.00+ S/H

Reclaimed Poplar Table Set

A unique barn find, this wood was one of three slabs of poplar wood that were being used as a partition wall in a barn. Well over 100 years old, these wooden boards were reclaimed, cleaned and refinished to provide another 100 years of service as a table set. The set consists of two side tables and one coffee table. The side tables are 20"x24" and the coffee table is 51"x 23 1/2". Both feature steel bases and adjustable leg levelers.

 Sold as a set $499.00+s/h

Pearwood and Walnut Buffet Table

This special table was created by using locally harvested Black Walnut for the base and shelf and topping it with the contrasting color of Swiss Pearwood. A traditional design incorporated with the look of a "live" edge top, this tables' dimensions can be altered to suit individual needs and desires. Pricing based upon size, wood type.

From $465.00

Spalted Maple Console Table

Spalted Maple was and is in most cases considered "off-grade" or scrap. At K.R.Alten Designs, we feel that each piece is truly unique and one of a kind. Appearing as colored streaks in the wood, the wood takes on the appearance of marble. Hand sanded and polished between protective layers, each piece develops a deep, glossy appearance. Shown here with a walnut base, let us create a one-of-a-kind piece for you.

In-Grown Bark-Oak Console Tables

In-Grown Bark, considered by many as scrap, unusable, or burning material, provides a beautiful and unique top to these solid wood console tables. The painted bases feature Oak tops with matching drawer faces and full extension drawer slides. Shown in burgundy and green, these tables can be re-created in your choice of color and choice of drawer pulls. These tables work well in hallways or any spot you have limited space! Approximate dimensions are 11"Dx41"Wx30H.                                               from$199.00

Custom Side Table

This side table was built using locally harvested Black Walnut and Swiss Pearwood as the top. This two shelf table also features a semi-hidden pencil drawer with full-extension slides and felt lining. The top features four sided "live edge" treatment to create the look of slab wood styling.Custom tables are priced based on size and wood type. Please call for current pricing.

Coming Soon;

  • Oak Burl Coffee Table
  • Ribbon-Striped Mahogany Tables
  • Bamboo Tables
  • Goncalo Alves Tables
  • Custom wood pens
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